Hey there,

I'm Lee, founder and creative force behind Vigueur Fragrances. Originally from the Bronx but now rooted in North Carolina for over a decade.  My journey has been one of artistic discovery and passion from my formative years in performing arts to Culinary School in NYC.  Nourishing my creativity has always been at the forefront with my path leading me to discover my love for crafting candles.  Inspired by my travels and desire for commitment and quality, I founded VigorWicks Candle Co in 2019, which has blossomed into Vigueur Fragrances.  I've been dedicated to the rebranding of Vigorwicks since 2022 and am excited to offer a variety of products tailored to enhance your self-care routine.  Vigueur is a V I B E!  Each product beautifully encapsulates the essence of cherished moments and is sure to compliment your space, effortlessly!  

I sincerely hope you find joy in everything Vigueur has to offer, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share it with you.  Thank you for supporting my vision and choosing to be a part of this journey—I'm truly grateful.